"To really transform our society we will need to make justice one of the most pleasurable experiences we can have."   

~adrienne maree brown



I want to work and create and build with people who:

Want to find their place in the world, leaving it better than they found it 

Have gotten knocked down by the world and gotten back up 

Don’t fit the molds currently available in the world and forge new ones 

Want conceptual frameworks, operational systems, and adaptive practices 

Desire alignment within, between, and around 

Have visions to manifest and gifts to cultivate

Have courses to map and values to guard

Have curiosities to quench and pains to heal 

Have one mouth and two ears to listen more than speak 

Have hands to serve and feet to wander 

Have healing to bring no matter where they go

Can’t stop creating. Won’t stop creating.

Potion-making for Cultural Equity in Iowa

Emerging from an Iowa Arts Council-funded project, Jonny Stax and a creative crew of artists, educators, healers, entrepreneurs, and organizers are launching Potions for HumanityTM. Based on the old medicine shows of the late 1800s, this potion show engages people in brewing their own healing tinctures through storytelling, powersharing, and artmaking. This summer, we are calling all creative Iowans to make potions that conjure the powers we need to adapt toward more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive (JEDI) artistic practices, creative communities, and cultural institutions. We kicked off a virtual potion-making process at Art Week Des Moines, turning daily lunchtime sessions into a series of instructional videos. We brewed and shared some potions at the Iowa Arts Summit. We plan to facilitate more potionmaking, potionbrewing, and potionsharing throughout the summer and into the fall. Click here to learn how.


Read Jonny’s open letters to Iowa creatives and more about his journey here.

Accessing Services

We have a dynamic group of creative artists, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, and movement builders who can bring the creative force into your organizational, community, or religious setting. You can see our list of consultants and coaches with whom we have worked and could get you in contact with hereWe can put together a team for one-time or long-term engagements. We specialize in JEDI Transformation, Creative Design, Adaptive Planning, and Strategic Convenings. If you are a member of the creative force or come from a marginalized group in society, we are especially interested in working with you and can accommodate very diverse budgets. Contact us for consultation.

Tracking our Movements

From puppet choreography for electronic dance music (EDM) videos to conversations on race, we are out there creating magic. Please sign up to stay connected and follow Jonny on social media. 

We are also looking for a communications specialist to help us get the word out there.

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