Navigating the videos and potion-making process:

Welcome, curious seeker. We would like to adventure with you as we shape this new project. This summer, we are calling for potions to make Iowa more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive (JEDI). We are inviting Creative Iowans to share stories, make potions, and join us at the Iowa Arts Summit August 7. In a workshop, we will share the potions made, debut potions brewed, and discuss how to keep JEDI transformation afoot.


How you can adventure with us this summer:

  • Tell a story - watch videos 1-3 (about 6-8 minutes total viewing) and share a story using the link below. Please let us know if we can contact you to brew your story into a potion.

  • Make a potion - watch videos 4-6 after telling your story (about 4-5 minutes extra viewing) and make a sensory experience to unleash the power(s) in your story, in you,  and the world around you (anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours depending on how much time you decide to invest).

  • Brew a potion - if you are an artist who has the experience and comfortability in working with people unskilled in their specific craft(s) to create something collaboratively, we can pair you with a storyteller or potion-maker to brew their potion into a show-ready piece. If you are interested, please fill out this Google Form.

Step One

Watch Orient to Potion-making video to understand the project, process, and players filmed during a week of lunchtime potion-making sessions at Art Week Des Moines in June.

Step Five 

Watch Act Two of

Black Benatar’s performance to explore one’s journey toward cultural allyship.

Step Two

Watch Act One of Black Benatar’s performance of “Got Bias” to get grounded in JEDI concepts of cultural allyship.

Step Three

Watch Prompt for your Story video

to receive

four prompts and tips for telling your story.

Step Six

Watch Gather Your Potion Ingredients video for instruction on turning your story into a list of ingredients from which you will make your potion.

Step Four

Record your story on our JotForm site.

**We will not share your story without your permission.

Step Seven 

Watch Act Three of Black Benatar’s performance to start yourself on a Cultural Allyship diet to transform your life and the world around you.

Step Eight 

Make a potion from your ingredients that unleashes the power(s) of your story in you and the world around you. This could be a sound or a song - a move or a dance - an oil or tea blend - a costume or puppet - a piece of visual or performance art - whatever comes to your mind. You can share your potion(s) through the Iowa Arts Council website to be shared at the Iowa Arts Summit and/or through your own social media platforms with hashtags

#potionsforhumanity, #iowaarts, #iowaartssummit.

Tracking our Movements

We will be traveling the Midwest making potions for the next few years. Please sign up to stay connected. Follow our journeys on social media. We will keep you posted as fun things emerge.

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