The Potion Factory

The Factory is a multiplatform makerspace where storytelling, artmaking, and powersharing are turned into 'potions' for cultural healing and transformation, a process Jonny calls Potions for Humanity. 

Receive access to events, workshops, residencies, and resources in community-arts and cultural equity practices.

Take a tour with some of the artists, organizers, mental health practitioners, educators, and youth who have created potions to share with their communities. 

Potions from Factory to Festival 

The Potions for Humanity process:

Potionmaking is the creation stage, a series of workshops for artists and activists (the makers). 

Potionbrewing is the curing stage, pairing makers with mentors to refine their potions.

The Potion Show is the final stage. Inspired by Old West medicine shows, potionmakers share their healing artistry with the community in a festival of music, dance, and visual arts.

Members are invited to participate in all Potions for Humanity programming.

Not ready to join but want to support the Factory's programming?

Red Snowflake

Bring Equity Home
for the Holidays

December-January 2021

  • Holiday Potionmaking online

  • Holiday Potionbrewing

  • Holiday Potion Show featuring singalongs, stories, and special guest potions

  • December programs are available free-of-charge to all

MLK Everyday

January-February 2022

  • Potions for Cultural Equity                           with Black Benatar

  • Guild Residencies launch

  • Art is Equity series launch

  • ArtHouse Salon launch

Winter 2021 -2022 Activities

Rebirth & Renewal

March-April 2022

  • Art is Equity continues

  • Art is Action, Art is Power launch

  • Potions for Pleasure launch

  • Creative Cohorts launch

  • Open 'Gym' for all members

Racial Justice & Restoration

May-June 2022

  • Guild Residency: R&R Village, MI

  • Potions for Pleasures & Leather Daddy at IML

  • ArtHouse Salons

  • Art is Equity, Action, Power - Potion Show

  • Creative Cohorts continues

  • Open 'Gym' hours for members

Spring 2022 Activities