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Guild Residencies

Support art = equity projects

Jonny Stax supports the development of creative ventures that progress justice, equity, and diversity.. Each project is given a guild residency at the Potion Factory with resources, time, and space supported by contributions and grant monies working with non-profit partners in their home state.. 


The projects below begin their residencies in January 2022. 

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LEATHER DADDY is a new rock opera and interactive experience from theatre maker Scott Bradley about legendary queer icons Chuck Renslow and Domingo Orejudos, based on the biography Leatherman by Tracy Baim and Owen Keehnen.

Like an Orejudos comic book come to life, LEATHER DADDY recounts the adventures of the interracial leather-clad duo as they launch a revolution in art, activism, and sexual liberation in 1950s Chicago. The comic-heroes origin story is accompanied by an original rock score and festival of ecstatic rites inspired by their ultimate creation, International Mr. Leather.

Jonny Stax is establishing a development fund in partnership with Chicago’s About Face Theatre to support the project's development.

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Potions for Renewal

Statewide festival for Youth Workers in Indiana

Through a unique partnership with The Journey, a program of the Indiana Youth Services Association, The Potion Factory is conducting potionmaking workshops with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) who are youth workers at diverse stages in their careers. 

The process will focus on renewal of BIPOC youth workers who are often overlooked and pushed aside as they navigate their own and their youths’ traumas related to racial injustice. We invite BIPOC Journey members to join us and bring a friend, mentee, or colleague who is also BIPOC but not yet a member.


The workshops will culminate in a statewide youth worker potion festival in 2022 that build upon many rounds of potionmaking workshops with various audiences and feature potions brewed by BIPOC participants and artists.

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