When you pull your team together for an important meeting or retreat, it is critical that the time is allocated well and team-building and collective motivationare integrated into the process. With humor, interactive exercises, and his unique spiral model of planning, Jonny makes efficient use of time, build upon the assets in the room, and chart a course forward that creates synergy. He can also train your staff in effective meeting facilitation skills to utilizes company resources economically.


"My only regret associated with Jonny Stax is that he was unable to participate this year in the Ride for AIDS Chicago, as I missed his camaraderie and good nature along the way.  Jonny has acted as the facilitator for two consecutive retreats for a board on which I sit.  He did an outstanding job at each retreat, combining humor, intuition, and subject matter expertise.  I have nothing but praise for Jonny and look forward to seeing him at our next retreat or out on the streets on his bicycle."

 Scott Ammarell, Acting Chief Housing Officer,
Chicago Housing Authority Board member, TPAN

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