As a consultant, Jonathan Stacks tailors his approach to the client''s setting but draws upon lessons and models from other fields and innovators. He is adept at helping his clients clarify what they want to get out of the project, charting a clear course forward, documenting progress along the way, making course adjustments as new information is gained, and recommending next steps to take once the project has come to completion. His spirit of collaboration, gift of encouragement, and commitment to excellence are infused throughout his work with clients, enriching the relationship and strengthening the project and client.

"Anytime I have the opportunity to contract his services, I know that I will meet all of my goals and objectives."

Jaime Dircksen,
Deputy Commissioner of Chicago Department of Public Health

All of the services and topics presented below can be accessed through short- or long-term consultancy or through workshops, seminars, or keynote addresses.

Retreat and meeting facilitation and training

When you pull your team together for an important meeting or retreat, it is critical that the time is allocated well and team-building and collective motivation are integrated into the process. With humor, interactive exercises, and his unique spiral model of planning, Mr. Stacks makes efficient use of time, build upon the assets in the room, and chart a course forward that creates synergy. He can also train your staff in effective meeting facilitation skills to utilizes company resources economically.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning can be a daunting endeavor. Mr. Stacks breaks this process down into manageable stages that can be replicated for future planning processes. From assessing where the organization currently is to envisioning where it wants to go, a course is charted that can be communicated, evaluated, and adjusted as progress is made and new information learned. Throughout the process, investment by necessary stakeholders and integration into the daily life of the organization help to ensure the plan''s success.

Cultural competence/anti-racism/anti-oppression

Mr. Stacks equips people in corporate, non-profit, academic, community-based, and religious settings to not only be tolerant of difference but to embrace it as critical to success and to pro-actively work toward social equality. Through interactive training, experiential activities, and intergroup dialogue, participants discover perspectives and skills they can use to shape institutional policies, collective practices, interpersonal relationships, and curricular tools.

Sexual health education curriculum development

Drawing on nearly a decade of working at the national, state, and local levels, Mr. Stacks can lead a school, district, or community-based organization through a process to develop a sexual health education curriculum that is relevant to the needs of the students, reflects community values, and is evidence-based. Through this process, key stakeholder investment, parent and student voice, and compliance with appropriate standards will be integrated to create sustainability.

Program and campaign development

When designing a new program or campaign, it is critical to clarify the intended outcomes and work backwards from there. Mr. Stacks can facilitate the design of a program or campaign that stays focused on the outcomes, integrates key stakeholders'' ideas and opinions, is relevant to the target populations, can be accomplished with specified capacity, and can be evaluated and communicated appropriately. Through this process, participants will understand all the underlying assumptions and gain the skills that can be used in future development processes.


Evaluating progress toward intended outcomes and identifying unintended gains can be useful for understanding where an organization, department, or individual currently stands before mapping a course forward. Likewise, setting a solid evaluation plan in place at the launch of a new venture helps you track your progress, document accomplishments, identify lessons learned, and make course corrections as you go. Mr. Stacks has extensive experience in evaluation and can conduct or create an evaluation that is relevant, accessible, and can be replicated with future endeavors.

Fundraising strategy and grant-writing

Through inquiry, analysis, and planning, Mr. Stacks can help you clarify your fundraising goals, identify appropriate strategies, and develop communication tools that equip you and your organization to fulfill your mission. This includes training board, staff, and volunteers in donor identification and cultivation, identifying grant prospects and analyzing fit, and writing grant proposals and templates that can be tailored for various funding sources.

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